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Pharao & Yara - Het Goeie Leven (Das gute Leben)

Pharao Sonofra & Yara haben mit »Het Goeie Leven (Das gute Leben)« einen neuen Song (mit deutschen Untertiteln) zum #Grundeinkommen produziert.

Downloadlink: http://pharao.bandcamp.com

Subtitles in English, Deutsch, français y español. To turn on subtitles: click on second symbol underneath the video on the right and choose your language!

'Het Goeie Leven' (The Good Life) is a song that was made to promote the universal basic income. Basic income is a hot topic in the world as more and more people see it as a viable solution to crisis-related problems like poverty and unemployment. The title of the song refers to the universal human right to a good life.

Music produced by Killing Skills
Video shot, directed and edited by Roeland Bentvelzen
Video produced by Cinqo and Vereniging Basisinkomen



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